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Dr.Cuross Bakhtiar first worked at 22 Harley Street and then across the road at 29 Harley Street.  He is well educated at Gordonstoun School in Scotland and then in Vermont USA and the Organic Chemistry Department at Imperial College and then guys Medical School (Kings College).

Minimal ingredients for maximum impact. All our products are formulated with this in mind. We use only the highest quality, purest ingredients. Without compromise, our products are never tested on animals.

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Since 1980

More than 20 years ago there was no scientifically backed Cosmetic/Personal care companies in the UK.  The UK has some top academic institutions and scientists but no cosmetic companies. This was one of the main reasons for starting HSC.  Be the leading science based cosmetic and skin care company in Europe.  But the UK has left the EU. The company was successful but with the loss of biz partners going back to Academia the loss of staff to much larger companies I had to think about what to do.  My mum also got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and at the time with the negative press on care homes I wanted to look after myself.  So the company (HSC) became a consultancy company in both Formulation and cosmetic regulation work to both large and small companies.


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