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Our Ethics

Harley Street Cosmetic Ltd was born from a place of love. Inspired by our mothers, moved by our daughters, we support and celebrate joy, beauty, and well-being in all people. Our makeup is crafted to help every person present their best self to the world with confidence.

Minimal ingredients for maximum impact. All our products are formulated with this in mind. We use only the highest quality, purest ingredients. Without compromise, our products are never tested on animals.

* true natural * Ofelianht
Since 1980

Our Values

All business should be ethical and all trade should be fair. Individual companies should not stand out simply by not being damaging or unfair. No company should be trading from an unethical position and society has a right to expect as the norm fairness and resource stewardship from the companies that supply them.

We always wish to conduct our business so that all people who have contact with us, from our ingredients suppliers through to our staff and customers, benefit from their contact with Harley Street Cosmetic (HSC) and have their lives enriched by it. No company is perfect and we strive daily to get closer to the ideal vision that all HSC people share. We will always want and demand more from Harley St Cosmetic, so that our business practices match our own expectations, our staff and customer expectations and the needs of the planet.

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Beauty with Purpose

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* true natural * Ofelianht Cosmestic
Since 1980