Harley Street Cosmetic Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of our business

Our Aim

For us at Harley Street Cosmetic, sustainability means doing business the right way; environmentally, socially and financially. All of our employees around the world contribute to sustainability on a daily basis and we are fully committed to:

  • using renewable raw materials and environmentally sensitive and safe processes;
  • producing innovative, high quality products with sustainable benefits in use; and
  • supporting our people and communities in which we operate.

Minimal ingredients for maximum impact. All our products are formulated with this in mind. We use only the highest quality, purest ingredients. Without compromise, our products are never tested on animals.

* true natural * Ofelianht
Since 1980

Introducing our 100% bio-based ECO range of Skin Care Products

We are radically transforming the chemistry of beauty by providing clinically validated, authentically organic formulas and a proprietary base of nutrient-rich organic botanical juices.

The ECO range caters to the tremendous consumer need for greener products. Now, with the renewable, bio-based ECO range, customers won’t have to choose between meeting their sustainability goals and delivering high-performance products to consumers.

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Beauty with Purpose

  • 100% renewable
  • 100% bio-based
  • reduces reliance on fossil fuel feedstocks
  • manufactured with renewable energy
  • performance identical to petro-based options
  • lower carbon footprint than petro-based versions
* true natural * Ofelianht Cosmestic
Since 1980