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There’s nothing more relaxing than a long soak in the bath whether your muscles are aching post-workout or you simply need to de-stress after a hectic day, and nothing will take your bath-time experience up a notch more than adding aromatic bath oil to the mix. Our bath oils are formulated using a blend of natural oils. Our Oils contain the right mixture of actives to quench the skin’s thirst and keep it supple and healthy.


Ingredients include Elderberry Fruit Oil known for its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and skin conditioning resources. Laminara Digitata (seaweed) Algae Oil, a unique algae-derived oil that can fight the signs of aging naturally, Lily Flower Oil, derived from the depths of the Amazon added to formulations to smooth and nourish the hair, scalp, and the skin. Its rich composition provides deep conditioning and moisturisation while also having a detoxifying effect. All of our bath oils are available in a range of three gorgeous scents to choose from to leave your skin feeling and smelling great!

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Contains Avocado Oil, Water Melon Oil, and Passion Fruit Oils.  These oils are there to moisturise and smooth the skin.  They contain the right mixture of actives to quench the skin's thirst and keep it supple and healthy. Elderberry Fruit Oil is also used in the formulation with antimicrobial and anti-oxidant help both for the formulation and skin.  It also helps with skin conditioning and moisturising.


Lily flower oil


Deep within the Amazon, lies a unique, eye-catching flower that is known for its beauty. Its need for a highly specialized environment gives it the reputation of being high maintenance. Its utility for skin and hair care is now revealed, application areas where high maintenance isn’t viewed as a bad thing. Amazonian Lily Extract can be added to formulations to smooth and nourish the skin or hair for a soft but eye-catching look.


When used in hair care Amazonian Lily Extract has the ability to calm and nourish hair making it luxurious, manageable and shiny. The composition of the flower is rich in starch, glucose, oils and tannins, which provide anti-inflammatory benefits that aid in soothing the scalp while deeply conditioning the hair. Its tannin content also makes it useful as an astringent, which can be beneficial in skin, hair and scalp care. When used in skin care this extract can be very nourishing, giving the skin a smooth and supple appearance. Its rich composition provides deep conditioning and moisturization while also having a detoxifying effect on the skin.


Algae Oil


Within the deepest of oceans, is the secret to aging gracefully. Algae Oil is a unique algae-derived oil that can fight the signs of aging naturally. The use of algae-derived ingredients in cosmetics is increasing as consumers recognize it as a natural and sustainable resource. Little do they know, that algae can also be responsible for younger, more beautiful skin.


According to ancient legends, mermaids have long been admired for their beauty, which they credit to the benefits of seaweed. While seaweed is not only nutritious, it can also restore the skin's epidermal lipid balance thus leaving skin looking fresh and vibrant. Now that this beauty secret has evolved into skincare, we can all utilize its benefits. Laminara digitata is the seaweed that stands out when it comes to beauty, containing almost every mineral listed on the periodic table!


Laminara digitata is large, brownish-green algae that thrives deep within the North Atlantic. This species of seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals, and various trace elements. Used frequently in Chinese foods and associated with healing, this seaweed is also a good flavour enhancer for many dishes. When eaten, many perceive seaweed as salty however, this is misleading because it is actually due to a combination of chelated minerals found in seaweed such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and other trace minerals. Seaweed is found to be richer in vitamins and minerals than seawater.


These minerals work as co-factors in many enzymatic reactions such as protein synthesis and cell reproduction, while algae oil is responsible for replenishing lipids within the skin. Algae oil works to enhance barrier function, as loss of moisture is a key component of skin aging. By replenishing the skin's lipids, its natural moisture levels are restored therefore minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. In haircare, algae oil can moisturize and condition the hair thus reducing breakage, while also nourishing and conditioning the scalp.


Vitamin E. A Natural antioxidant to help the oils not go rancid but also used to protect the skin.


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